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Vounteer Form

Thank You!

We are so glad you are wanting to join Active Good in making outdoor recreation more accessible to your local community. Please use the form below to tell us more about yourself and to put your name and contact information on our list of volunteers.

What this form does:

  1. It give us your contact information and skillsets to put on our volunteer contacts list. It is kept private within our organization.
  2. This allows us to build a database of people we can contact when we schedule trail building, arrange maintenance projects, and as the grooming program grows.

What this form does not do:

  1. It does not obligate you to anything other than putting your name on our volunteer list for future projects.
  2. It does not put your name on a mailing list we share.
  3. It does not make you a ‘member’ of Active Good. Memberships and perks may be coming in the future as we grow, but not at this time. You will receive news if we decide to expand into this model.